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31 Lug 2016

My Music

The lyrics of my new song with Italian traduction MY MUSIC- Words and Music Roberto Brandi © Copyright Roberto Brandi -Errebimedia Music,Soundreef 2015 -2016 ———————————————————- MY MUSIC EVERYWHERE YOU GO I’LL BE WITH YOU, MY MUSIC EVERYWHERE YOU GO I’LL BE THERE MY MUSIC TAKE MY HAND DEAR MY MUSIC I AM YOUR MAN.. BETWEEN THE BANKS OF THE RIVER OF MY DAYS RUNS THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE BETWEEN THE BANKS OF MY YEARS RUNS THE WARMTH OF YOUR […]

31 Lug 2016

New Song

In production my new single “MY MUSIC” a country rock oriented song in a style not far from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allmann Brothers and many others..

04 Lug 2016

Official T-Shirt Tour 2005

This was the Official T-Shirt Tour 2005..