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10 Mar 2016

Quando non ci sarai più(inedito)

This is a song written on 1995 by Max Bronx Brogi (lead guitarist of Shabby Trick and Vasco Rossi’s Lead guitar player on the official video of  hit called “Vivere”),he asks me to collaborate as a vocalist for one of his album.Was recorded on my Home recording studio.When I’ll work on the original mastering recording tracks you can hear a better sound..A great collaboration for 5 years as a duet named Bolero Rock Duet..

10 Mar 2016

The way of the icy stones(Inedito)

It ‘came out my new single “The way of the icy stones” February 2, 2015 available in all on line music stores ..Now I’m just working on my first solo album. I Tunes